Friday, February 27, 2009

Career Promotion faster

Some working experience to learn:

1. How you appear is more important than how you perform in your job! Remember to create a professional image all the time; learn what's going on in your industry; speak them up whenever you can.

2. How you communicate is more important than how you do the job.

3. Any job will become a routine, mundane job after some time. You need to stretch yourself to make it interesting. If you can't do it, then quit.

4. Always have some ideas up your sleeve to tell your manager on how to improve things.

5. Take responsibilities when offered, they are the pathway to move up the career ladder.

6. Come at least 5 minutes earlier than the office start time. You can go home on the dot.

7. Be nice with your receptionist / administrative assistants. They run the company.

8. Bad people. They will be everywhere. Know how to handle them.

9. Don't do the works allotted to your colleagues. You tell them how to do and let them do it.

10. Compliment people; Give credits to others. Nice employees leave company not because of less salary, but for the lack of recognition.

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