Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Payment negotiation tips

=== Before negotiation===

- Delay salary negotiations for as long as possible in the hiring process

- Find out who really has the authority to negotiate salaries in the company

- Know exactly what your salary requirements are

- Do your homework (preparation) before negotiating the job offer: know your competitive market value, know your company-value (current market salary data, your performance evaluations and letters of recommendation, ...)

=== Negotiation ===

- Start the actual negotiations by thanking the employer for the job offer and restating your interest in the position and company.

- Stay positive and remember that a negotiation is about listening to each other and respecting the needs of both parties.

- Start with negotiating your basic salary first and then move on to the benefits, one element at a time.

- Begin at the TOP of your pre-determined salary range (Research often shows a strong link between people's aspirations and the outcome of the negotiations)

- Structure your salary negotiations around the value you bring to the position and company and AVOID mentioning what you need or feel you deserve to be paid.

- Weigh the financial value of the benefits offered as part of your gross income (may add up to 30% of the total compensation).

- Be aware when the final offer has been reached: Get the final offer in writing. (A legitimate offer should be given in writing and if the employer is reluctant to do this it is a major red flag that there is something wrong)

=== After negotiation ===

- As after speciality interview and looking for offer letter, just prepare and get ready for other opportunities, don't wait! And if the employer does not respond after 2 weeks, you should apply others and forget that employer (even when they offer your expected income later) .

- Prepare your job offer acceptance letter: thank the employer, state the full job title, formally accept the job offer, clarify your employment conditions, highlight your appreciation and enthusiasm for the opportunity .

- Polish your skills and prepare essential things (scripts, directory structure, libraries, pen-box, cup, bag, etc...) so that you will set up your environment in new workplace quickly.

Good luck :-) ,

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