Saturday, June 20, 2009

Eclipse NetBeans PHP

Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) new features:

1. P2 provisioning which provides for a more efficient update process for Eclipse
2. OSGi Declarative Services, which allow OSGi services to be configured and installed based on XML prior to the start of the bundle's service
3. Improved target platform management, which allows the runtime platform to be configured easier
4. Mylyn WikiText, which can be used to edit bugs via Mylyn or transform into other documentation formats like DocBook
5. The addition of the Eclipse Memory Analyser, which can analyse the JVM's heap usage
6. Install into Self, which allows plugins to be developed and installed into the currently running Eclipse platform
7. Eclipse Modeling Project refinements, which reduces the size of the EMF runtime requirements
8. Improved RAP styles to allow your RAP based application to be customised
9. Enhanced JAvaScript bridge, which allows embedding of widgets like Google Maps into an SWT browser
10. Java compare editor enhancements which allow JavaDoc hovers, hyperlinking and other goodness from the compare page

NetBeans 6.7 new features:

PHP 5.3 new features:


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