Friday, October 24, 2008

Java test tools

As a QA (or a tester) , you should be familiar with Test Driven Development and such phrases: Test plan, Test case, Test suite, Test report, Test coverage . A good programmer should be familiar with them, too.

For a non-trivial application, there are several kinds of test: Unit, Functional, Integration, System, Acceptance, Regression, Non-functional, Performance, Load, Soak; and Continuous Integration .

Using the good tools can enhance productivity substantially , so let's have a look at some best tools around:

+ IDE : Eclispe, NetBeans
+ Build: Ant, Maven
+ Unit test: JUnit, TestNG
+ Mock object: JMock, EasyMock
+ Database: DBUnit
+ Servlet container: Cactus
+ Web application: Selenium, HttpUnit
+ Coverage: Cobertura, Emma
+ Performance: JMeter, Eclipse TPTP
+ Acceptance: Selenium, FitNesse, Stiq
+ Continuous Integration: Cruise Control, Continuum, Hudson

If you are new to testing in java, you can start with JUnit. My recommended books then are Java Power Tools (chapter 13), and Pragmatic Unit Testing: In Java With JUnit .

btw, when you find something more useful feel free to tell me !

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