Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Windows post-installation notes

For some reason I had to reinstall Windows, and I'd like to keep a minimal backup with good software. It would be interesting to find out what applications you consider essential when doing a complete re-format. So I meditated and tried to pick the best ones. Here were my 'TO DO' list:

1/ Resize the C: partition to 4 GB (to be exact, 4000.5 MB )
2/ Install Windows XP Pro :-)
3/ Install NIC driver, and setup Internet connection
4/ Install AVG (AntiVir and Avast are good, either)
5/ Start scanning, and install other drivers (not reboot yet)
6/ Setup domain/workgroup, map network drives/printers
7/ Prepare folders ('D:\usr' instead of %ProgramFiles%, 'D:\home\ninja' instead of %UserProfile%, ... )
8/ Customize the Taskbar, Start Menu, Power settings.

9/ Install Firefox 2 (FF3 sucks) and some plugins (DownThemAll, ...)
10/ Install 7-zip (alternative: IZarc)
11/ Install Unikey (tool for typing Vietnamese)
12/ Install Adobe flash player
13/ Install VLC (MPlayer is another option)
14/ Install K-lite codecs
15/ Install Foxit Reader
16/ Install StarDict
17/ Install XnView (is Picasa better? )
18/ Install Comical
19/ Install Notepad++
20/ Install FreeCommander
21/ Reboot and make a mini backup

22/ Install ImgBurn (or CDBurnerXP)
23/ Install Audacity
24/ Install CamStudio
25/ Install JRE
26/ Install OpenOffice.org (next time maybe Lotus Symphony or KingSoft)
27/ Install OpenProj
28/ Install Free Download Manager
29/ Install ThunderBird
30/ Install Skype
31/ Install Pidgin
32/ Install KVIrc
33/ Install uTorrent (Vuze is a good alternative one)
34/ Install eMule
35/ Customize Desktop, reboot and make a lite backup

36/ Install Cygwin
37/ Install VIM (Vi IMproved)
38/ Install JDK
39/ Install XAMPP
40/ Install Eclipse (perhaps EasyEclipse? )
41/ Install TortoiseSVN (not Git yet)
42/ Install WinSCP and Putty
43/ Install HeidiSQL
44/ Install DBDesigner
45/ Install ArgoUML
46/ Install Dev-Cpp
47/ Install FreeMind
48/ Install VMWare
49/ Install SQLite
50/ Install PosgreSQL
51/ Install Eclipse plugins (CheckStyle, Subversive, Aptana, PHPeclipse, ...) , Mozilla plugins (for FireFox, ThunderBird)
52/ Reboot and make teh backup !

Yeahhh, it's time for games installation !
And maybe more (GIMP, Python, Ruby, Rails, Symfony, Django, ... ) ^_^

What are your essentials after a Windows re-format?


dr.dark said...

Sorry bạn , mình nghĩ nên cài AV trước khi setup Internet connection chứ nhỉ ? :)

Mediocre Ninja said...

Uh, nếu trong máy có sẵn chương trình AntiVirus thì có thể cài trước .

Nhưng thường bộ cài AV trong máy đã lạc hậu (có lẽ vì thế mới phải cài lại máy), nên tải bản mới nhất về cài thì yên tâm hơn :-)